Vulnerability//Coming Out of Hiding

Hey friends!

My close friend Kelsey Smythe, who just so happens to be a gifted writer, recently interviewed me on the subject of vulnerability. In her interview, I tell the story of how I've grown to become a more vulnerable person throughout the years and how God has called me to come out of hiding. I'm thankful for my story and wouldn't change it one bit because He's used it so wonderfully to bring me where I am today.
Of this I am sure, He uses every detail of our stories for our good. I'd be honored if you'd read a piece of my story here.

He's with us friends, take heart in Him.

All Love and Grace To You,


Kristi Hepp
Exciting News Of What Is To Come!

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog!

How exciting it is to have a home to write and share stories and songs with you all!

I am pumped to tell you, I am currently in the beginning stages of writing a new song every month, as well as a blog describing the story of the song. If you would like to be a recipient of these songs & blogs, please sign up here for my monthly e-mail!
My heart and hope is to write songs & blogs that encourage you and give you new eyes to see how greatly loved you are. I can't wait to share the first song and story with you!

Until then,

-Kristi Hepp


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